Practical information and sales conditions: sarl ESPACE FEISTERDS


Each reservation in our establishment necessarily constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions by the contracting parties. The provider guarantees the accuracy of information on services offered at our institution.

1 / Our services


This is a place for your tent, caravan or camper. Your stay is calculated from a base price of location of the pitch and access to the infrastructures, entertainment and sanitary facilities. It is completed by additional costs (price per person, animal, electricity).
Camping pitches can be rented from 12AM until 10AM.
All stays are free for children under 2 years.


Each accommodation can be booked from 4PM (arrival) to 10AM (departure time). Our prices include the people (according to the capacity of the accommodation), water, gas, electricity, their vehicle (one per accomodation) and access to the infrastructures, entertainment and sanitary facilities. Accommodations are fully equipped, only the sheets and towels are not provided; However, you can rent them on site.
Your accommodation must be left in the same state as you entered it upon arrival (see: Deposit).
Your wishes for a specific pitch or location on the site can only be met according to our availability upon your arrival.


Any activity, free or paid, mentioned in the presentation of our institution may, in certain circumstances beyond our control and /or related to a case of major force, be modified or canceled when you arrive on site. As such we can not be held responsible.

2 / Payment of the stay


As well for the deposit as for payment of the balance, following methods of payment will be accepted: bank transfer, bank check (for 200€ maximum), holiday check ANCV, cash, credit card, payment at distance (by phone).


Any binding booking inquiry from the customer must be in writing and accompanied by payment of a deposit consisting of 30% of the total cost. The booking will become contractual when the customer receives a confirmation issued by Domaine du Trappeur.
The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before arrival.
In cases where the balance of a stay is not paid within the time specified above, the stay is considered canceled and our cancellation policy outlined below is applied.

3 / Last minute booking

Any reservation made in less than 30 days before the arrival date must be paid in full at the moment of reservation.
Any last minute reservation will only be confirmed upon receipt of the payment and in so far the pitch/accommodation is still available.

4 / Late arrival, early departure

In case of late arrival or early departure in relation to the dates mentioned on your booking voucher, the entire stay booked will remain due. You will not be entitled to a refund for the part not done due to late arrival or early departure.

5 / No-show at the campsite

In case of no show on the campsite within 24 hours from the beginning of your stay and without any news regarding your arrival, we will reopen your pitch/accommodation for bookings. Fees are retained according to our cancellation policy.

6 / Cancellation

Due to the buyer:
All cancellations must be notified by mail, and will take effect from the date of receipt of mail. This mail must be sent to the camping:
For each cancellation:

  • more than 30 days prior to arrival: cancellation without costs, only reservation fees (15€) will not be refunded
  • less than 30 days prior to arrival: deposit (30%) and reservation fees (15€) will not be refunded

Due to the service provider:
Before departure
When a cancellation occurs by the service provider, while the stay was confirmed, for reasons of major force, weather, events resulting in total or partial destruction of the site, total or partial administrative closure, work delay due to weather, not functioning aspects essential to the campsite, risk in terms of security, or if the site is deemed unfit for opening by the direction of the company, the customer will be notified by email and reimbursed in full for the amounts paid.

During the stay
When the stay is interrupted due to the provider in cases of major force, weather, total or partial administrative closure, unusable essential to the functioning of the institution, risk in terms of security,… site management establishes a letter that will be hand-delivered to the customer and states that his stay was cut short. The customer will be refunded pro rata of the unconsumed stay.
To the extent possible and within the limits of availabilities on our website, we will propose, if the customer wishes, alternative solutions. All other costs are excluded and their redemption request will not be considered.

7 / Deposit

For rental accommodations, a deposit of 100 euros is required on arrival which will be returned at departure.
This amount can be retained partly of completely by ESPACE FEISTERDS in the case of damage to the accommodation and its contents and/or materials on the site as determined during end-of-stay controls. ESPACE FEISTERDS can also deduct the sum of 50-75 euros corresponding to the cleaning fee if it is found during end-of-stay controls that cleaning has not been done.

8 / Insurance

We are not responsible for theft and damage to personal items. Our liability does not cover theft or damage to tents, caravans, campers and their contents. Moreover, ESPACE FEISTERDS can not be held liable for damage caused by external forces, such as storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes…uncontrollable by our teams. Please also be reminded that car parks are not kept and parking is done at the risk of the user.

9 / Minors

Unaccompanied minors are not accepted on the campsite (pitches and accommodations).

10 / Pets

In general, cats and dogs except 1st and 2nd category dogs are allowed on the campsite. One animal per accommodation and two animals per camping pitch can be accepted. We demand, for dogs, that they are kept on a leash while on the domaine. We ask you to respect hygiene of the host site. Rabies vaccination certificate and tattoo required!

11 / Claims

Any complaints, following a stay must be made in writing and sent by mail to the campsite, within 20 days following your stay.